EP review : Tom Powell

Date : 10/2020

EP review : Rebecca Llewellyn

Beacons Cymru

Date : 08/2020

EP review : Welsh Connections

Artist : The Hip Fire

Title : Our Last Romance

Date : 07/2020

“This rambunctious five piece’s debut EP is a statement of hungry intent.Our Last Romance’s opening track rings out like a warning shot to the listener. With its soaring guitars and tight tempo changes, it has the changeability of a Biffy Clyro track imbued with the triumphalism of a Manics opener. Not content to go through the motions of conventional rock, The Hip Fire create a seemingly raw but carefully crafted unpredictability that not all rock bands can manage. With less accomplished musicians, such changes in dynamics can be disorientating; not so with The Hip Fire, who deliver them with poise and control.

As you move through the EP, things shift gear a couple of times, such as on ‘These Hands’ where light funk-inspired guitar contrast with a menacing, crunchy riff. Driven by a swift, hi-hat accented drumbeat, the verse of ‘The Real Thing’ evokes the dance indie of the 2010’s before transitioning into another belter of a chorus. A few vocal gems will leap out at you, such as ‘She tastes just like the real thing, she’s got the smoke but not the cigarettes,’ a pithy metaphor that encapsulates the passion underlying the track. Throughout the EP, classy rock vocals are complemented by guitar solos that would make Slash proud. Another crunchy riff accompanied by machine gun drum fills serve as a fitting end to the record.

I haven’t had the chance to see the band live just yet, but from the energy they’ve captured on this EP, I’d bet that their live shows are definitely the ticket price. This is an assured debut of a band who know what they’re about.”

Osian Lewis – Welsh Connections

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